About us

Since 1918 in Bella Vista

San Alfonso Institute is an educational entity which is part of Argentine Formal Education and depends on DIPREGEP. DIPREGEP is a state-run organisation that is in charge of state-run education of private management and depends on “ Dirección General de Escuelas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires”. San Alfonso Institute was createdin 1918 by Santísimo Redentor Congregation in a piece of land obtained in a public auction and was entirely built from donations of its benefactors.
Initially, among 100 or 120 children lived and attended primary and secondary school level classes in the institution in order to prepare them for religious life. This was called “El Jovenado”.

In that period, we emphasised humanistic formation, giving central importance to subjects such as Theology, Rhetorical, Declamation and Latin, Greek and Spanish Literature. . Since 1959, taking into account the suggestions of the residents of the surrounding farms, secondary school level was incorporated to formal education. As a result, the syllabus was updated and adjusted to the regulations made by the SNEP (Superintendencia Nacional de Enseñanza Privada). Consequently, San Alfonso Institute became the first religious educational institute for boys and it also received students from other institutions.

In 1987, The Santísimo Redentor Congragation transferred the ownership of the educational services to the Educational Foundation Ligorio. It was a civil entity made up of teachers and education professionals who have guided the pedagogical, didactic, methodological and administrative aspects of the institution.  Furthermore, the Congregation collaborated with the teachers and head teachers in the spiritual formation of the students, paying special attention to the different evolutionary stages of children and adolescents.

Since 1987, girls were gradually incorporated into the classrooms. Because of this, the institution made the necessary changes in the building and the teachers had to adapt the methodology for the requirements of coeducation. Nowadays, the number of boys and girls in the institution is balanced.

Today, after 90 years of history, we know that all what we did has positioned us as a reference point. This was achieved due to the effort and conviction based on our ideals.